Christmas pyramid

Everyone knows it, the Christmas pyramid, which turns in candlelight on cold winter evenings. A tradition that is hundreds of years old. Until today it is the centre of every Christmas market and attracts people magnetically.
Christmas pyramid as sales stand
New in our assortment is our pyramid as a sales stand. Standard with an outer diameter of 7 meters, a sales area of approx. 25 sqm and a height of 12.80 meters puts you in the shade. 16 illuminated Wings and 3 floors with rotating platforms, equipped with nativity figures are guaranteed to be the subject of countless photos of visitors and the press. Due to our unique plug-in system, this system can be assembled in only 2 hours by 3 employees.

Of course, we also produce the Christmas pyramid up to a height of 20 m and we are also happy to provide a walk-in guest room on the first floor. Other sizes on request. Of course we will be happy to discuss the design with you. The system has a static calculation and is tested by the German TÜV.

Quality is important to us. With our special construction we provide stability and durability.

As an experienced manufacturer with more than 150 sales units already manufactured, we will of course be happy to advise you.

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