We - the BLUME/BLUME GbR (father and son with their families and their team) rent out and produce sales stands and unique pyramids for a wide variety of occasions. Our core business focuses on the production of custom-made products.

With over 150 sales units already produced and years of experience in the field of manufacturing special sales stands and pyramids, we are specialists in this field.

Delivery and transportation - The cabins are lifted using rack and pinion winches or a hydraulic system and a trailer is pushed underneath. Some protruding parts are folded away to comply with road traffic regulations. The complete equipment can usually remain in the hut.

Worldwide - We supply internationally. Our sales stands are located at events throughout Germany as well as in England, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the USA and Australia.

Companies and holdings:      

WOATT WORLD OF ATTRACTIONS e.K. is one of the world's leading trading companies for mobile attractions such as merry-go-rounds, Ferris wheels and roller coasters.

SÜSSER KÖNIG GmbH produces classic gingerbread hearts as well as figures made of gingerbread. jIMMY BLUME EVENT GASTRONOMIE operates various mobile speciality sales stands at Christmas markets, folk festivals and other events.

HISTORISCHE KARUSSELLS BLUME & BLUME GbR rents, as the name suggests, very rare old original nostalgia carousels for various occasions.

BLUME'S HENNECKE-KARUSSELLS rents out and operates numerous lovingly restored nostalgic carousels and various rides for a wide variety of occasions.